Why women should not watch porn


Почему женщинам не стоит смотреть порно

Erotic movies and pornography can seem like a healthy and fun addition to sexual life. But not so long ago, scientists have found that frequent viewing of porn films can lead to problems with erection in men aged 20 to 40 years. Now the women got into the distribution – it turned out that the hobby of porn contributes to the dissatisfaction of the woman with her real partner.

Polls allowed to establish that women who watch porn can be disappointed if they do not get several orgasms in a row (“like in the movie “) or if their man is far from the images of the protagonists of these videos. In addition, according to the Medical Daily, with reference to the study, pornography causes discontent in women with their own forms, including the appearance of the vagina.

“When we watch porn, we forget that we have actors who play a role. Thus, even their genitals can be made up or changed with the help of special programs, explains lead researcher Kaitlyn Goldsmith in an interview with The Sun. “Plus, sexual intercourse always lasts longer than average, and women achieve orgasm more easily than real ones.”

The results were based on interviews with 668 women who filled out online questionnaires, which allowed receiving the most honest responses . However, this study is not the first one, which suggests that pornography can have negative consequences not only for men, but also for women. “The study of 2016 also showed that hobby porn increases the chances of a divorce. Despite the fact that the increase was small (from 6% to 16%, depending on the age and religious affiliation of the couple), the obtained data in any case indicate that viewing pornography may call into question the stability of the relationship. And also that moderation is important here, as in many things.


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